SEM & Display

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is the general term for any optimization and advertising effort done to make a page stick out among the broad mass of search results. Well applied, search engine marketing is the turbo engine of inbound marketing. Distinction is made between manipulation by SEO and influencing the ranking by SEA advertising.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The organic ranking of any website is influenced by SEO. Relevant factors are, in first place, on-page aspects, such as structure and content. Likewise, off-page aspects, i.e. the number of incoming links, say, how many and what kind of content links here, are decisive. After determination of keywords and their search relevance, SEO is always in progress, due to continuous changes in algorithms and queries of search engines.




Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search Engine Advertising stands for placements bought in search engines, as well preceded by analysis and definition of keywords and their respecting relevance. Moreover, regional placement and budget have to be defined

Display Advertising

Display Ads are the modern way of billboard advertising. Ad spaces appear as banners on multiple web sites. This way of advertising is outstandingly attractive due to its fine-tuned targeting of users as well as rational decision algorithms in accordance with the Real-Time Bidding. Mobile ads allow their implementation as a separate class on mobile devices.



Retargeting allows to show specific content to a user in accordance with previously visited web sites. Display Ads accurately show previously considered products and services. This may lead to recurring to the target page, but has additional subtle psychological effects. The so-called frequency capping prevents excessive exposure.

(Predictive) Behavioral Targeting

The collection and processing of user behaviour data can be exploited to create sales opportunities. By Behavioral Targeting, real-time interaction is possible, topped by Predictive Behavioral Tracking, which enables forecasts and predictions of customer behavior. These interactions are enhanced by involving data input from other domains.

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