Leads and Conversion

Landing Pages

A landing page is the first impression a user gets as a result of web search or an online ad. It mainly decides to which degree the user sees their request met, and if they want further information about the company, product or service.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion means transformation from visitors into prospective customers or from sales prospects to customers, aiming at triggering inquiries and purchases, say, generating an increase in sales and leads. This process underlies a permanent change, as customers’ needs change, and the way to meet them can be improved.

A / B Testing

Core of the optimization process is comparison. Within the framework of A / B testing procedure, the conversion of different approaches and variants will be weighed against each other. By A / B testing tools, user groups are formed, which are displayed different versions of a page at the same time. This accelerated test intervals and optionally protect secure conversion variants.



Lead segmentation and qualification

If a lead has been generated, e.g. via the website, necessary data like the place of residence or product requirements have to be evaluated and segmented in order to pass the lead to the appropriate sales person for further processing. While evaluating and segmenting the necassary data, a statement concerning the relevance of the lead can also be made, allowing priotization regarding sales opportunities.


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