Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing might be considered as the “veteran” of online marketing, but has, in fact, never lost its special importance. The challenge is to stand out in a mass of ad mails sent day by day. Quite often, newsletters are sent without selection or regard to different target audiences. Peak & Peak streamlines your email Marketing process, from data gathering to content.


Email Data

There are many ways to collect email addresses of prospective customers. Nevertheless, there are some important points that must be observed. From the level of qualification to legal status, Peak & Peak supports you with data sourcing and mining for a successful email marketing.

Automation, Channeling & Targeting

Data mining usually selects the relevant records in a data pool as well as the special interests of a respective user. Again, we apply our overall approach to serve the customer with what is assumed to closely meet their requirements.

The exciting thing about email marketing is that entire campaigns, including channeling and targeting of users, can be automated. Peak & Peak will create a number of Costumer Journeys for each campaign, starting with the users’ reaction to the email. After this, the campaign will automatically interact along the respective Costumer Journey.

Conversion Optimizer

The way a landing page is a web site optimized for generating sales and leads, emails can be designed in a similar way. Like deciding which web page to visit, the user decides before or just after the opening an email, whether their content might be of any relevance to him. Benefit on short- medium- and long term of analysis data as well as A / B testings individual experiences brought to you by Peak & Peak.

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