Tracking & Targeting

Tracking & Targeting

Data evaluation and the resulting insights on user and customer behavior are the key to successful marketing and purposeful distribution. Peak & peak offers customized techniques that analyze the behavior of users and process the resulting data in one central dashboard.

Analyzing user behavior goes far beyond metrics such as page views, duration of stay, or demographic characteristics. It eventually aims at predictability of, and the chance to interact with, the customer journey by tracking. We help you visualize your users’ and customers’ requirements and thus offer them your most attractive products and services.

Unique User Tracking & Targeting

Unique User Tracking enhances the recording of different user sessions by merging data sets arising from the same origin, as, for example, a recurring visitor, mainly by setting cookies on web sites. Thus, different audiences can be tracked and targeted right down to the level of a single individual.

Cross-Device Tracking

Beyond user tracking by session cookies, it is possible to implement algorithms able to monitor and record a recurrent visitor on different devices and, as a next step, merge and process the resulting data sets for optimized comprehension.

Cross-Channel Tracking

Using a central data platform as and corresponding interfaces, Unique User Tracking can be taken to a new level. Beyond single or cross-device tracking of the Customer Journey, it also provides cross-channel tracking, giving way to undreamed multi-channel concepts.

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