Mobile Technologies

The importance of mobile is growing every day. Search engines record increasingly more inquiries from mobile compared to desktop devices. Apps are replacing conventional Browsers as “smart” wearables support and replace the tasks of computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Mobile devices are the heart of digital transformation. Peak&Peak offers integrated solutions to make highest priority processes accessible from everywhere as well as start developing applications focusing mobiles.


Mobile Apps

Whether for customers or sales reps – mobile apps are state-of-the-art for today’s companies. Peak&Peak is developping apps using the platform as well as Salesforce Heroku and Salesforce Lightning, which are directly connected to a central Salesforce database. In cooperation with third-party service providers, we offer support for strategic development alongside designing individual mobile applications.


Companies offer added value for their customers by wearable devices like smart watches, and corresponding applications thus following the trend to replace desktop computers by smart devices.

Mobile Ads

Alongside, mobile ads have spread through the expanding online channels, designed not only for browsers, but also for advertisement apps.


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