Connected Technologies

Internet of Things and Connectivity

Connectivity gives way to the Internet of Things. According to this concept, the Personal Computer as we know ceases to exist. It will be replaced by intelligent devices, sometimes even invisible, that support human work.

Data from the IoT

Corresponding to the prementioned concepts of IoT and connectivity, data is produced and received by many different sources. Peak & Peak manages to handle this vast amount of data by using IoT-platforms like 2lemetry, enabling a seamless connection to

Sensors in the IoT

An Item, e.g. a product or a component of the value added chain, becomes intelligent by adding sensors to it. In this manner, the item is enabled to communicate with a central data platform via signals, allowing mutual interactions between the two sources of information. The most basic form of sensors are RFID-Chips, which can be integrated at any point in the value added chain.

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