From CRM to eCRM

From CRM to eCRM

Keeping the focus on the customer at every moment is a steady challenge for sales, marketing, and customer service. Customer Relationship Management is dedicated to steadily monitoring customer interactions and putting their well-being first.

All information emerging from that will lead to valuable insights into your customers’ issues, giving you the possibility to better understand and proactively provide them on their terms, assisted by a digitally enhanced electronic CRM. implementation and modification

Salesforce, world-wide market leader for CRM systems is also our first choice. Whether your company is already running a CRM, or planning a completely new installation – Salesforce provides a scalable, cloud based environment for handling unlimited volumes of sales and marketing data.

Our Know-How lets you profit from the full variety of features offered by Salesforce, with the objective of converting Big Data to Smart Data. We streamline and automate sales and marketing tasks, for example, the segmentation and qualification of leads, accelerating productivity and thus adding value to our customers’ business.




eCRM implementation and modification

Due to our cooperation with third party suppliers, we are able to play out our strategic core competencies in other eCRM environments than salesforce.

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