Customizing and Interfaces Customizing

Only by connecting a company’s eCRM platform to other tools and data sources, for example ERP systems, it reveals it‘s full potential.

It all starts with the implementation and modification of the CRM, when data streams from multiple sources are integrated; as successful selling involves collaboration across the organization. Salesforce offers a huge number and variety of preassembled, while Peak & Peak uses proprietary, custom made, APIs.

Customizing as a service is predecessed by a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the processes in your company. Nevertheless, in some cases you might be able to benefit from already existing customizing solutions resulting from recent Peak & Peak projects.

Examples for common customizings & interfaces

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

The interaction between phone set and eCRM system, in terms of mutual control, is an advantage provided by our solutions. In this manner, growing efficiency and substantial time saving for both company and user are assured.

Content Management Sytem (CMS) Integration

User generated data coming from company or product pages are integrated into the eCRM and can be, under certain circumstances, allocated and evaluated by means of Unique User Tracking, or even kick off further interactions. Sales and leads are classified and segmented automatically and put at sales reps’ disposal in a highly qualified way.

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