Analysis, Insights, and Reporting

Data-based decision making

In order to get a reliable decision making base for both company leaders and operative management, all data is collected and processed for analyzing and evaluating. Peak & Peak offers a broad variety of approaches to analyze your customer’s behaviour and hold necessary data at your disposal at any time –delivering insights and reports as well as a constantly available source of live information – as a solid base for every business campaign.

Data Crawling

By using crawling automations and algorithms, we help you to assemble, process, and provide data from multiple channels customers are interacting with. As soon as needs and requirements are defined, we work on a feasibility study which finally leads to compliance. The volume and quality of data resulting from the crawling process can be used to support and qualify your sales and marketing activity.

Data Mining

We help you analyze, evaluate, and qualify any data from multiple sources (straight to a single user) and make them available for further processing.

KPI Reporting is a pioneer when it comes to techniques such as reporting and dashboard. Even key performance indicators can be controlled anytime, everywhere, just with a few clicks.


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