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The base of every company's success are knowledge and information. First step to digital transformation is therefore to provide the ideal data strategy, built on top of a central and interactive data structure.


Many companies still maintain their data across multiple systems with no chance to keep them synchronized. Redundant and incompatible information results in inefficient, time consuming and painful workarounds in order to keep up with everyday's business, left alone the incredible pace of opportunities that come – to those who are ready.


Only if data and information can interact in one central, easily accessible place, they will deliver triggers and touchpoints that lets you spot opportunities ahead and make fast and profound forecasts and decisions.


Peak & Peak helps companies to taylor one complete, highly integrated and efficient, CRM solution with no bloat. As your business expands, so will the Salesforce platform – expendable anytime by a broad variety of tools and apps that seamlessly plug in as you need them.

Disruptive business ideas pop up all over these days - and threaten established models. According to studies, companies that face declining revenue mostly have failed keeping up with the process of digitization and the quickly changing expectations of customers.


Each step towards digitization gives way to more efficiency, performance, and profit. The breathtaking progress in connectivity has recently brought up the “Internet of Things”; it will leave behind sluggish marketers and the more reward those who are prepared.


Automated processes create efficiency. A structured and highly connected data architecture can supplement or even completely replace manual processes and must consider all physical and virtual workflows in order to bundle efficiency. Persistent leaks in efficiency will eventually even sink big ships.

Industry 4.0

Peak & peak makes companies fit for industry 4.0. In a steadily changing World, it is crucial to emulate established processes with the prospect to further implementation of fresh and groundbreaking approaches.

Online trading has taken the behavior and expectations of customers to a new level. Adjusting the perception of your brand on the multiple platforms will mainly be about anticipating and navigating the customer journey to meet his requirements before your competitors do.

Online Marketing

The pace of the digital world is unique. Being one step ahead is essential, as any customer (re)action on a sales platform is mostly close to tip the scale.


Web sessions provide deep insights and, by evaluating the data collected, forecasts on customer behavior. Along with highlighting and targeting operations they are most likely to result inbound contacts.

Lead Generation

Our online marketing solutions focus on the generation and automated processing of user data, leads and sales.


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